At Seedling Cafe, we believe that good food should nourish your mind as much as it nourishes your body. By consuming your food mindfully, taking time to appreciate the textures, tastes and positive effects on your body, we can begin to understand the link between the food we eat, and the effect it has on our bodies and minds in our daily lives.

Our kitchen is 100% gluten-free and we have paleo options. We source quality free-range proteins and use nutrient dense fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and of course seeds, in our cooking.

We use organic virgin coconut oil which is great for brain function, quality olive oil and a range of pure gluten free flours (including cashew meal and tapioca flour) to make our delicious baked goods and hot dishes.  All our treats are sweetened naturally with fruit, or we add small amounts of organic rice malt syrup which is fructose-free.

What is Paleo Food?

The 'paleo' way of eating is based upon everyday, modern foods that mimic the food groups of our pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors. It has a focus on vegetables and quality proteins and healthy fats. Paleo and clean eating eating has numerous health benefits including feeling more energised, weight loss, minimising risk of obesity, preventing autoimmune diseases, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and cognitive decline. It is also a mood booster and provides mental clarity.

Paleo food also has the benefit of being naturally gluten and lactose free as wheat, grains and dairy are avoided.


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The Seedling Story

I’ve been in hospitality for several years, and I always had a vision of wanting to open my own café. After my first café in North Melbourne had been sold, I met Olivia. Olivia had recently discovered that eating too much lactose, fructose and gluten was causing her health problems. Through the process of navigating her food intolerances together, we discovered the paleo lifestyle.

While this was great when we prepared our own food at home, when we wanted to go out for a meal, there were a noticeable lack of options for people with special diets or food sensitivities. It seemed than many restaurants and cafés knew little about what was contained in their menu items because of the inclusion of processed ingredients.

From this experience we identified a gap in Melbourne’s CBD and we thought there would be a demand for nourishing, clean food. So was born the idea for Seeding, a café offering unprocessed, healthy food, sensitive to people’s dietary requirements.

We opened Seedling on Flinders Lane in August 2014. The first few months were tough, because customers venturing near Degraves street are used to eating croissants, pasta, focaccia, cakes loaded with sugar. But slowly, people interested in healthy eating started to find us and we had a following of regular customers.

Since that time, we haven’t looked back. We’ve had some amazing staff and chefs in our team over the years, and when Georgia Clarke-Edwards came along, we knew we had to find an opportunity to expand the business with her.  That’s when we opened Seedling on Little Collins street.

Georgia and Rob, our second chef, both bring inspired ideas and delicious nutritious food that doesn’t compromise on taste.  We do attract health-conscious people, but we also have customers that don’t have special dietary requirements - and are eating well unconsciously. This is a really inspiring for us. Bit by bit we feel we are making a difference to people’s lives and eating habits, and we are really excited to be part of the movement towards whole food eating.

Giles Legg